Maintenance, repair and monitoring services

Ensure the continued operational performance and energy efficiency of your cooling system with regular maintenance from our highly trained engineers.


Our flexible range of maintenance, monitoring, and repair services are designed to keep your cooling system in peak condition for longer, thereby saving money in the long run. Regular maintenance also ensures that potential problems are spotted early, significantly reducing the risk of business losses due to untimely breakdowns.


What we offer:

Flexible planned maintenance contracts

We provide routine planned maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and customer requirements. We also offer interest-free monthly payment plans (subject to terms and conditions). Please contact us to discuss your particular needs or to arrange a site visit.


Audit and plant condition monitoring service

We compile detailed diagnostic reports and condition monitoring to provide data for planned maintenance programmes.


Due diligence

Our engineers routinely carry out the required leak tests, regular maintenance, and associated checks and adjustments that will flag up any mechanical wear and tear and refrigerant losses which generally reduce efficiency levels and drive up operation costs.


Repairs and upgrades

We work with all types of chiller, cooling and temperature control equipment.


Refrigerant retrofits

All IsoCool service engineers are certified in refrigerant handling and are ACRIB registered. We can advise on and perform retrofits of new generation of refrigerants, and ensure compliance with environmental legislation. Of note is the European Union’s F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 of 2007, which has imposed certain obligations on operators of equipment containing particular F-Gases including all HFC refrigerants (such as R134a and R407c) commonly used in industrial water chillers, general refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps.

To get a complete idea of what we can offer, please view our other services:



Find out more

In order to find the best solution for your application and budget, please get in touch and speak to one of our highly trained engineers. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site if your requirement is more complex. Remember, we also offer a free energy saving survey, so if you feel your plant could benefit from a thorough analysis, please get in touch.

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