How To Protect Your Chillers From Heat This Summer


By IsoCool

Jun 30, 2023

Discover how to overcome reduced efficiency in industrial water chillers during the hot summer months and ensure their smooth operation. Explore essential tips and ideas to maintain the safety and efficiency of your chillers and process cooling systems this summer.




Make sure you get an up-to-date service on your chiller.

Incorporate up-to-date servicing for your chiller to enhance its efficiency, performance, and lifespan, guaranteeing optimal cooling during the hot summer months. Stay proactive and enjoy a worry-free summer with your chiller system.

Get in touch with us to schedule a service for your chiller, ensuring it is in the best condition to handle the summer heat. Preventative checks and maintenance will keep your system in optimal condition, ready to deliver reliable performance throughout the season.




Clean your condensers –

Regular condenser cleaning is a crucial step in ensuring the efficiency of your chiller during the summer. Cleaning the condenser promotes proper heat transfer, prevents potential system issues, and optimises overall performance.

The accumulation of dirt on the condenser coils forces your chiller to work harder, diminishing its cooling capacity and increasing energy consumption and operating costs. Regular condenser cleaning helps combat this issue, keeping your chiller operating at its best and minimising unnecessary expenses.




Monitor for leaks –

Make it a habit to conduct routine visual inspections of your chiller system, focusing on connections, joints, valves, and pipes. Pay close attention to any signs of moisture, water stains, or pooling around these areas, as they may indicate a potential leak.

Detecting refrigeration leaks can be challenging and typically requires a service and leak test by a qualified technician. However, some leaks might leave traces of oil directly under the source, offering a clue to their presence. It’s important to promptly address any identified leaks to prevent further damage and ensure the efficient operation of your chiller system.

If you do suspect a leak – contact us as soon as possible to arrange an examination and leak test.

The best way to keep your process cooling system effective year-round is to look for a new energy-efficient way of protecting your chiller in higher ambient temperatures– a good solution for this is upgrading your old chiller to an adiabatic chiller:




ADY NAX – Providing both high ambient safety and low operating costs.

Learn more here: ADy-NAX Chiller | ADy-NAX Adiabatic Chiller | IsoCool


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