Process Cooling systems for the Plastics Industry

Isocool has supplied the plastics industry with award-winning process cooling solutions since 2002. We have provided all sized firms with energy efficient cooling solutions that meet their needs. We specialise in providing our customers with maximum system efficiency, performance and reliability with an intelligent, bespoke process cooling solution.


Importance of Cooling in the Plastics Industry

Isocool’s industrial chillers are crucial in the plastics industry for precise temperature control. Our chillers can be used in the direct cooling of plastics during processing. Our process cooling solutions will ensure that your plastic manufacturing machines will be cooled effectively. The use of chillers prevent defects, warping, and shrinkage, ensuring high-quality, dimensionally accurate products, whilst cutting down your energy wastage and costs. Additionally, chillers enhance safety, equipment longevity, and process flexibility, making them indispensable in plastics processing.


Applications of Chillers in Plastics

Process cooling systems are needed in many areas of the plastics industry.

These include:

  • Plastic Moulding Machines
  • Chill Roll
  • Plastic Shredder Recycling
  • Plastic Wrap Recycling
  • Plastic Bag, Bottle and Film Production
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Film Moulding
  • Stretch Blow Moulding
  • Plastic Welding


Why choose Isocool?


Bespoke Design

At Isocool, we design intelligent bespoke cooling solutions systems that precisely meet your requirements. Isocool have the ability to customise and design any system with our range of industrial chillers. For existing systems, we seek to exploit all opportunities to recycle, upgrade and retrofit equipment, thereby minimising initial investment and maximising return on investment.

Efficient Delivery and Installation

Enjoy a seamless, time saving and meticulously organised cooling system installation process with minimal disruption to your business operations. We excel in industrial chillers for product cooling and machine cooling system setups, prioritising energy efficiency and industry compliance.

Read here on how we helped one of the largest fluoropolymer processors in the UK cut energy costs by 67%. They quoted “Isocool did an excellent job with the installation. Because we run 24/7 production, we can’t afford for the chillers to be shut down. Isocool worked it so there was no loss of production. Their site survey was extremely thorough, and our savings forecast is spot on.”


Case Studies

From delivering a plastic moulding specialist substantial gains in productivity to saving Northumbria Blow Moulding over £80,000 annually in cooling costs,  for over 20 years Isocool have delivered energy efficient process cooling solutions to many areas of the plastics industry.


Find out how we can meet your Plastic Cooling Needs

To find the best industrial cooling solution for your application and budget, contact us to speak to one of our highly trained engineers. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site if your requirement is more complex.

If you feel your plant could benefit from a thorough analysis, we also offer a free energy saving survey.

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