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Bespoke Design

Identifying the most cost-effective and efficient process cooling solution for your short and long term goals is what we do best.


There’s a reason why we’re the trusted supplier to hundreds of leading manufacturers and win most of our work as a result of recommendations – our independent, objective, and innovative approach.

At IsoCool, we design intelligent systems that precisely meet our clients’ short and long term operational, environmental and business requirements. For existing systems, this means that we seek to exploit all opportunities to recycle, upgrade and retrofit equipment, thereby minimising initial investment and maximising return on investment.


Flexible approach

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers can work with you at any stage of a project, adapting and rethinking solutions as required. For example, with new plants, we can liaise with architects and building services engineers to achieve the most effective installation that is fully compliant with current health and safety and environmental legislations. And for retrofit or upgrade projects, we can undertake site surveys and develop proposals that build on the strengths of the existing system.


Detailed proposals, clear benefits

Our proposals are always clear and thorough, enabling you to proceed fully informed. Using industry-standard software, we provide a clearly presented design proposal that includes technical, performance and financial data. Where applicable, detailed projections of cost and energy savings are included, and will also state the estimated payback schedule of the solution. If required, we can help to identify suitable carbon reduction incentive schemes and loans to bring down the cost of installation and assist you in achieving energy targets.


Pipework and turnkey solutions

We also have the expertise to design and install unique pipework systems and turnkey cooling solutions according to the specific requirements of the project, maximising efficiency and creating the potential for expansion.

To get a complete idea of what we can offer, please view our other services:

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Find out more

In order to find the best solution for your application and budget, please get in touch and speak to one of our highly trained engineers. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site if your requirement is more complex. Remember, we also offer a free energy saving survey, so if you feel your plant could benefit from a thorough analysis, please get in touch.

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