A seamless service

Enjoy a seamless, time saving, flexible, and hassle-free installation process with IsoCool.


We understand that a truly cost-effective cooling solution demands a seamless installation process. That’s why we take great care to plan each installation project meticulously and go out of our way to ensure minimal disruption to production. To this end, our installation engineers are completely flexible; work can be carried out during normal working hours with a short, planned shutdown to facilitate the decommissioning of the existing system and the installation of the new system, or during off-peak closures, such as weekends, at no additional cost.


Minimal disruption

We are also able to prefabricate systems on-site or at our Essex premises, so shut down is only required to install valved sections and normal operation can resume once the system is re-filled. In many instances, this strategy has enabled us to conduct extensive repairs and replacements without causing any interruption to the main process.


Highly trained team of engineers

Even the most challenging environments and locations with restricted access are no problem for our highly experienced teams of qualified project managers and engineers who are happy to clear and refurbish workspaces for plant and operatives.

To get a complete idea of what we can offer, please view our other services:


Find out more

In order to find the best solution for your application and budget, please get in touch and speak to one of our highly trained engineers. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site if your requirement is more complex. Remember, we also offer a free energy saving survey, so if you feel your plant could benefit from a thorough analysis, please get in touch.

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