ADCOOLER 60-1200kW

Adiabatic Dry Cooler

The ADCOOLER 60-1200KW provides multiple benefits to your cooling solutions, being water saving, contamination-free, and highly energy-efficient, providing a smart alternative to cooling towers and adiabatic spray coolers.

The ADCOOLER is a closed circuit adiabatic dry cooler that offers the cooling performance of an adiabatic system with the benefits of a dry cooler. It works by drawing in ambient air via variable speed fans and uses a small quantity of saturated water to remove heat from the air through the process of evaporation. This enables the ADCOOLER to achieve near wet-bulb temperatures and exceptional cooling performance.

Available in a self-draining version that works without glycol and offers excellent performance in air temperatures below 0°C.

Advantages of the ADCOOLER 60-1200kW:

  • No consumption of process water
  • Air contamination is eliminated, preventing health and safety issues
  • Limestone/ scale formation is significantly reduced
  • Chemical treatment of water minimised
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Negligible loss of water from the adiabatic system
  • Excellent performance even in temperatures over 40°C
  • Efficient heat exchange at dry bulb conditions (air/water exchange ΔT 5°C)
  • Self-draining version works without glycol
  • Low noise levels
  • Cooling capacities from 60 to 1200 kW
  • Modular concept to increase cooling capacity

Closed Loop Benefits Of The Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Thanks to the ADCOOLER’s closed loop, water consumption and wastage are significantly reduced, scale build up is minimised, and plant longevity increased. Health and safety issues, such as Legionella, are also avoided. These factors alone can lead to significant cost savings in utility, water treatment and maintenance fees.

Outstanding Performance

The ADCOOLER offers excellent performance in temperatures over 40°C and has been intelligently designed to automatically switch between dry and wet bulb operation according to ambient temperature and humidity. It is available in a self-draining version that works without glycol, and offers excellent performance in air temperatures below 0°C.

Standard packaged units of the ADCOOLER have cooling capacities from 60 to 1200 kW, and can be expanded easily thanks to the modular design. The materials used within the ADCOOLER are of the highest quality and are rustproof for outdoor installation. The ADCOOLER is available with a water monitoring system to further reduce consumption.

Find Out More About the ADCOOLER 60-1200kW

In order to find the best solution for your application and budget, please get in touch and speak to one of our highly trained engineers. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site if your requirement is more complex. Remember, we also offer a free energy saving survey, so if you feel your plant could benefit from a thorough analysis, please get in touch.

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