GCevo 4-122kW Water Chillers


The GCEVO water chiller series at IsoCool is a natural evolution of the GC range. The range consists of air or water-cooled process chillers that feature a cooling capacity ranging from four to 122kw.

The GC range can be applied in the most diverse production areas and be fit to even the most complex requirements with the help of our cooling system installation service. The latest evolution of gcevo water chillers brings increased energy efficiency and exceeds the eu eco design directive. The range also has increased reliability, coupled with many hydraulic, fan, and ambient configurations to match your needs.


From January 1 2021, industrial cooling and refrigeration equipment has had to meet new and stringent minimum levels of energy efficiency, compliant with Tier 2 of the EcoDesign Directive issued by the European Commission (2009/125/EC).

The GCevo-A/C series fully satisfies all of these requirements. All GCevo models exceed the Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) required by the Directive, which produces the maximum level of energy savings.

GCevo Water Chiller Reliability

The GC range of water chillers, ranging from 4-122kW, are known for their reliability. The components are specially designed for industrial use and are robust. Easy to maintain and offering excellent performance, the GCevo range of water chillers are a great choice for many applications.

Control & Monitoring

The models for GCevo water chillers (sizes 12/110) are equipped with IQ21+ Icon’s touch screen panel which provides the algorithms to control the chiller parameters constantly. The interface is also user-friendly and interactive.

Structure & Safety

The frame of a GCevo water chiller is made from galvanised steel and is painted with epoxy powder coating. The control panel is IP54-rated which means it’s protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust and other particles.

Also, the line can be installed both indoors and outdoors with no additional protection, thanks to its IP54-rating.

Each GCevo water chiller unit is equipped with multiple devices, granting its safe use. All probes and sensors communicate in real time with the control panel, producing functional anomalies.

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To find the best solution for your application, within budget, please contact IsoCool today on 01376 328455 to speak to one of our highly-qualified experts. We can either use plant specifications to assist you or arrange to visit your site if your requirements are more complex. We also offer a free energy saving survey to assess your efficiency.


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