DCOOLER 63-920kW

Air Blast Free Cooler

Achieving up to 100% free cooling, our Air Blast Coolers provide significant energy, cost and carbon savings – and at a competitive price.


The DCOOLER is a modular dry cooler with cooling capacity from 63 to 920 kW. It works by providing the cooling source during the times of the year when the ambient is below the temperature required by the cooling system. Fans in the air blast coolers draw in ambient air and use this to pre-cool the water before it reaches the chiller. As the temperature drops, intelligent controls reduce the load on the compressors, switching them off altogether when the ambient reaches a certain temperature. Up to 100% direct air-cooling can be achieved this way, with the result that the inherent high operating costs of the chiller are reduced and its life span greatly extended.



  • Achieves up to 100% free cooling
  • ROI typically 12-30 months
  • Easily retrofitted to existing system
  • Modular stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for outside installation
  • Fitted with removable panels
  • Temperature and fan speed control
  • Optional spray kit to optimise performance
  • Cooling capacity from 63 kW to 920 kW

DCOOLER units can be easily retrofitted onto an existing system with minimal disruption and can achieve energy savings immediately. Most of our Air Blast Coolers have a return on investment schedule of 12 months – 2.5 years.
To further improve the performance of the DCOOLER, units can be retrofitted with a spray kit to achieve close to wet bulb temperatures.


Results our clients have achieved with air blast free cooling:

“We used to have the chillers running all year round. Now, as soon as the temperature is below 16°C, the cooling tower and plate heat exchanger kick in and offload the compressors. Below 10°C we run on 100% free cooling so when the temperature drops, so do our running costs – it’s fantastic.”
Steve Ellis, Operations Director, Alma Products

“Below 18°C we operate at partial free cooling, however, the chillers switch off below 12°C. Last winter we were able to switch the chillers off completely, and from September we’ve been running on partial free cooling.”
Ian Renshaw, Operations Manager, RPC Containers

“We were asked to look out for investments that would benefit the company, and IsoCool, who run the maintenance contract on our chilled water system, suggested that an air blast cooler would provide an excellent ROI by lowering costs. Nigel took me to another site where they’d installed free cooling and the company were kind enough to print off their energy savings for me, which were phenomenal. Considering our chiller had been working really hard throughout the previous winter, it was really a no brainer to invest in an air blast cooler.”
Steve Cadman, Injection Mould Manager at Gratnells



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