Starty 3-18kW

Water temperature controller

Get a head start on temperature control with the STARTY water temperature control unit.


These entry level Water Temperature Control Units are supplied with heating capacities from 3 to 12kW for continuous operation up to 90°C. Constructed from stainless and painted steel they have castors for portability. They feature an 18 litre stainless steel tank, finned tube heat exchanger and a submersible peripheral pump with reverse function (leak stopper). Water cooling is via a solenoid valve

The STARTY is an ideal choice for a wide range of injection mould and cylinder applications – from plastic, rubber and die-casting, to jacketed vessels, printing presses and food production.



  • Submersible pump and open tank with reverse function
  • Heating capacities of 3, 6, 9 and 12 kW
  • Intelligent PID controller
  • Intuitive digital-display control panel
  • Solenoid valve
  • Finned tube heating exchanger with cooling capacity of 18 kW
  • Automatic filling valve with filter
  • 18ltr corrosion-free stainless steel open tank
  • Castors and removable side panels
  • Compact dimensions
  • More cost and energy-efficient than steam


Build specifications

Product precision and reliability is guaranteed thanks to the STARTY’s high specification. For example, an intelligent PID controller allows the unit to automatically compensate for changes in the system, ensuring accurate and stable control during heating/cooling phases. This makes the STARTY particularly suited to systems with varying loads. In addition, an intuitive digital-display control panel – which comes complete with contractors, overloads and fuse protection – ensures that the STARTY is easy to programme and operate.


Designed for low maintenance

To minimise maintenance and improve durability, the STARTY’s standard features include a solenoid valve, finned tube heating exchanger with cooling capacity of 18 kW, automatic filling valve with filter, and an 18ltr corrosion-free stainless steel open tank. The STARTY’s heating and cooling elements are exchangeable, so spare parts are easy and inexpensive to replace. In addition, the STARTY features a submersible peripheral pump with reverse function, which acts as a failsafe mechanism in the unlikely event of a leak occurring.

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