ETW 12-144KW

Water cooled temperature controller

For accurate water-cooled temperature control at a budget-friendly price, choose the ETW.

ETW Temperature Control Unit

ETW water-cooled temperature control units are a cost-effective solution to precision temperature control. ETW TCU may be fitted with centrifugal or peripheral pumps for temperatures up to 230°C, and with pumps containing magnetic drive (without mechanical seal) for temperatures up to 320°C.


  • High production rate
  • High pass rates
  • High capacity indirect cooling system
  • Separate water re-feeding system (glycol free)
  • Corrosion-free water circuit
  • Internal hydraulic bypass
  • Expansion tank pre-filled with azoth (5L)
  • Automatic filling, automatic air elimination, pressure reducing valve with gauge for controlling the pressure of the process fluid
  • Low-pressure switch
  • CE marked
  • IP54 Electrical control panel with contactors, overloads, etc
  • Digital flow indication


Built to the highest standards, the ETW TCU’s solid frame is reliable even at the highest working temperature. Flexible tank options mean that the ETW can work with open tank up to 95°C (ETW-A) or with closed tank up to max. 140°C (ETW-P). ETW TCU’s may be supplied with an indirect or direct cooling exchanger, on/off valve operation, or with modulating bypass valve control.

ETW temperature control units include braze-welded plate heat exchangers. Electric heaters are made of Incoloy steel with low watt/cm2 load factor. Units are supplied complete with water filling system, gauge to check water pressure/leak-stop function, and ‘Y’ shaped filters to safeguard hydraulic circuits. Special pumps, exchangers and hydraulic pipes may be supplied on demand. The user-friendly electric panel is completed with magneto-thermic safety functions for the motor, and an electronic controller with PID function adjusts heating and cooling.

Systems can also be customized according to specific requirements, such as flow rates, pressures and temperature tolerances, as part of our bespoke cooling system design service.


To find the best ETW temperature control unit for your plant, get in touch with our team of specialists. We also offer a free energy saving survey and can offer a thorough analysis to help save you energy and money.

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