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Adiabatic Cooling System Saves Energy


A centralised Adiabatic Cooling System is among the improvements made by a leading injection moulder wishing to focus on improving efficiency and energy consumption.

Manufacturers constantly monitor their processes and as part of this, energy consumption, to ensure their plants are operating to optimum performance levels.

When Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd, part of the Coral Products Plc group, decided to take action to improve the efficiency and energy consumption of their cooling and chilled water systems, they turned to IsoCool Ltd for advice on the most effective way to achieve this.

IsoCool inspected the current system and subsequently put forward a proposal which would reduce the company’s electrical, water treatment and water supply expenses. The detailed projections provided by IsoCool illustrated that Coral Mouldings could be seeing a reduction in annual running costs of in excess of £202,000 per anum with a return on investment of less than 2 years.

Coral Products have replaced existing various closed-circuit cooling towers, with a centralised adiabatic cooling system. The benefits gained from an adiabatic dry cooler will be reduced water consumption and water treatment costs. Water losses are based on evaporation and bleed off, which can be equal to evaporation rate if the water treatment regime is not effective.

The dry cooler can achieve water temperatures at least 3°C above dry bulb ambient, which for Coral Mouldings, will be sufficient for hydraulic oil coolers in their modern injection moulding machines.

IsoCool has also replaced Coral’s multiple chilled water systems with a centralised modular chilled water plant complete with an ISO/FC energy-saving device, linking their mould cooling system indirectly to the new hydraulic cooling system. This system will be taking advantage of the company’s under-utilised adiabatic cooler, to provide the cooling source during times of the year when the ambient will allow partial and up to 100% direct air cooling. This will have the effect of off-loading the compressors and their associated high running costs.

Mick Wood, CEO at Coral Mouldings says:

“Clearly this is a significant move to make our company more efficient and cost effective within our production environment. I was impressed by the care taken by IsoCool in exploring all our options to achieve this. I believe that they are offering us the very best solution for our particular operation and not just supplying off the shelf units. IsoCool’s projection figures and comparisons were detailed and gave us complete confidence.”


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March 14, 2018

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