IsoCool has a NAX for energy saving

IsoCool has a NAX for energy saving

By IsoCool

Jan 3, 2012

With a performance co-efficient of 7, the NAX-ID inverter chiller boasts the highest energy efficiency ratio in its category. One of the first fully-packaged water chillers of its kind, it has been launched to the UK market exclusively by IsoCool to fulfil the growing demand for high-efficiency variable speed process chillers.

Unlike traditional chillers – where compressors work at either full capacity or are switched off in stages – the NAX-ID uses advanced inverter technology to drive the chiller’s screw compressors. This enables the unit to alter the speed of the compressors in direct response to cooling demand, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. What’s more, peaks in electrical usage – which occur upon start-up and shut-down of a compressor – are also limited by the inverter, further improving the cost-effectiveness and financial savings provided by the unit.

The exceptional load matching offered by the NAX-ID, as well the chiller’s ability to achieve precise water temperatures, means it is particularly well-suited to factory processes that have variable heat loads. It is also an ideal investment for any manufacturer that plans to expand plant operations in the future, since the cooling capacity of the NAX-ID can be ‘ramped up’ as needed.

In addition to these benefits, the NAX-ID offers space and water savings – due to reduced storage requirements for the water circuit –and lower noise levels. Thanks to reduced wear on the compressors, it also offers increased reliability and longevity for the chiller as a whole.

Available in three models with cooling capacities of 200kW, 300kW and 400kW, and operating in ambient temperatures from –10oC to +40oC as standard, the NAX-ID is suitable for a wide range of applications. Fully packaged, it comes complete with fan speed control and electronic expansion valves for increased energy saving.

Overall, the carbon emissions and operating costs of the NAX-ID are significantly lower than most comparable traditional chillers. And as with all IsoCool installations, a running costs analysis and estimated payback schedule for the NAX-ID can be carried out to clearly demonstrate the chiller’s return on investment.

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