Introducing the ADCooler C


By IsoCool

Mar 28, 2023

Looking to keep your compressor’s cooling water circuit at an optimal temperature? Look no further than the ADCooler C.



This adiabatic dry-cooler uses ambient air to cool your system, and comes equipped with either a single or double pump for seamless operation. And with its plug-and-play installation, ADCooler C is a hassle-free solution that can be connected straight to your compressor’s cooling system connections!


Manufactured to respond to the most severe European regulations in terms of energy efficiency and health safety. It consists of a modular structure for outdoor installation with removable panels allowing inspection on all sides.


With a suite of benefits including:

  • No process water consumption
  • No water spray in the air stream
  • No water stagnation
  • High performance even with air temperatures above 40°C
  • The best performing alternative to the cooling tower to power your air compressor.



Keep your equipment running smoothly with ADCooler C!

Coming soon to UK Market!



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