Winterisation Tips


By IsoCool

Dec 5, 2022

Prepare your external chillers, free coolers, and adiabatic coolers for winter with our winterisation tips!



It’s almost winter, which means it’s time to start preparing your external chillers, free coolers, and adiabatic coolers for the colder months. As temperatures begin to drop, it is imperative that you winterise them to prevent them from becoming damaged by the cold temperatures. Here are some quick tips that will help your chillers and coolers get through the winter safely and ensure you have no problems with them next year!




1. Turn off irrigation and drain the adiabatic water supply


To get your adiabatic cooler protected for winter, you’ll need to first turn off the adiabatic pad irrigation system and drain the water supply to the cooler, completely draining/flushing out any remaining water in the lines.




2. Check glycol levels


We recommend the concentration of glycol in your process water system should be at 30%. This concentration will provide you with protection at temperatures down to -15°C – this can be checked with a refractometer. Refractometers and Glycol are available from Isocool




3. Do not leave untreated water in coolers or chillers over winter shutdown


When water turns into ice, it expands by 9%. As a result of this, unprotected copper pipes which contain water without the correct 30% concentration of glycol in them can split, resulting in unnecessary and expensive damage to your chillers and coolers. Also, when the temperature increases and the ice thaws, costly water leaks will follow.



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