The NAX-ID Inverter Process Chiller

IsoCool has a NAX for energy saving

By IsoCool

Dec 7, 2010

The NAX-ID is a packaged water chiller which uses advanced inverter technology to drive the chiller’s screw compressors. Unlike traditional chillers, where compressors work at either full capacity or are switched off in stages, the use of an inverter enables the unit to alter the speed of the compressors in direct response to cooling demand, keeping energy consumption – and therefore running costs – to a minimum. This means that the NAX-ID achieves exceptional load matching and precise water temperatures at all times, making it an ideal investment for factories with variable heat loads, or those with expansion plans.  The NAX-ID is available with cooling capacities of 200kW, 300kW and 400kW.

  1. Highest energy efficiency ratio in its category, and a performance co-efficient of 7
  2. Inverter-controlled screw compressors for closer load matching
  3. Significant energy savings for variable heat loads
  4. Reduced electricity consumption
  5. Lower carbon emissions
  6. Precise water temperatures

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