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Europe’s leading rigid plastics packaging manufacturer, RPC Containers, is on track to achieve its 40% energy saving target on generating chilled process water at its Corby site thanks to an intelligent system from industrial cooling specialist IsoCool. The free-cooling system was retro-fitted to the existing chiller plant in August 2008: it has already cut the annual running cost by 45% and will have paid for itself by October 2010.

RPC Containers Corby specialises in multi-layer co-extrusion blow moulding for the food industry, and while they had ample cooling capacity, realised that the system could perform far more efficiently during low ambient conditions. Ian Renshaw, Operations Manager at the Corby site explains why they chose IsoCool for the project: “IsoCool has an excellent reputation. They listened carefully to what we needed and developed an excellent solution at a competitive price.”

The air blast cooler system installed by IsoCool uses a 400kW dry air blast cooler with a plate heat exchanger for frost protection to provide a cooling source when the ambient will allow partial and up to 100% direct air cooling, offloading the chillers with their inherent high running costs. The lower the ambient conditions the more effective the air blast cooler becomes, culminating in the compressors and the fans being switched off by the IsoCool intelligent control system. Ian Renshaw explains:

“Below 18oC we operate at partial free cooling, however the chillers switch off below 12oC. Last winter we were able to switch the chillers off completely, and from September we’ve been running on partial free cooling.”

He adds:

“The installation was seamless – we didn’t even have to shut the plant down. IsoCool is now working at other sites in the RPC Group and I would recommend them to any manufacturer that is looking to reduce its energy consumption and cut costs. We monitored the data pre and post installation and the results speak for themselves; the return on investment is fantastic.”

For more information about IsoCool’s range of industrial refrigeration products and services, visit www.isocool.ltd.uk or call 01376 328455.


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March 21, 2014

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