IsoCool refit Logoplaste cooling system in under 12 hours



Logoplaste is a major international player in the manufacture of rigid plastic containers and has chosen IsoCool to retrofit its Hatfield blow moulding plant with a more energy-efficient water chilling system. This project was challenging as this factory produces the distinctive branded Cravendale 2 litre Milk bottle for Arla Foods who are the largest dairy-producing company in Europe.

In December 2009, process cooling specialists, IsoCool, were given a 12-hour window in which to complete the complex installation of Logoplaste’s new system. This involved the removal and replacement of existing chillers, the modification of supporting steel framework and the installation of an air blast cooler to provide a source of free cooling when ambient conditions are low. Facing unprecedented blizzard conditions and ankle-deep in snow, IsoCool nonetheless persevered as Jon Hart, Logoplaste Plant Manager, commented

“To their credit, despite the terrible weather there were no delays to the installation process. IsoCool delivered on target and on time to the minute”.

Energy efficiency and environmental concerns are clear drivers for Logoplaste, and to make improvements in this area they decided that the ageing chillers used to cool the blow moulding machines should be replaced. Additionally, one of the chillers was over 10 years old and still using R22 refrigerant, which is due to be phased out.

Three companies answered the tender, however, IsoCool stood out from the competition, as Jon Hart explains:

“IsoCool had a really refreshing approach. We were confident that they would really take care of us before, during and after the installation, rather than just supply the kit and disappear”.

Because of the time constraints and logistical problems associated with this installation, planning had to be exact. Firstly, the site is limited to storing approximately 12 hours worth of stock, and shutting down the plant for any longer could result in expensive losses for both Logoplaste and Arla. Secondly, the hole in the wall operation means that both companies are located on the same site, so IsoCool needed to coordinate with both to schedule transport and deliveries: the crane, lorries and men had to be on and off-site at exact times to avoid blocking up Arla’s yard.

IsoCool wanted to retain as much of the existing steel framework as possible to achieve an eco-friendly solution, unfortunately, most of it was unsuitable for supporting the new chillers. In order to meet the limited time frame, IsoCool Projects Director, Ian McCormick, spent time carefully measuring the existing frame in painstaking detail to enable the offsite prefabrication and galvanising of new support steelwork. On the day of installation, it bolted onto the existing structure perfectly – something Ian is particularly proud of:

“the implications of it not fitting were unthinkable, so we did everything we could in preparation and it went without a single hitch”.

Since January Logoplaste has been monitoring the energy savings and efficiency of their new cooling system, as Jon Hart explains:

“Compared to the same time last year, when we had a similar volume of production, we’ve saved 40,000kW in January and February. This equates to around £3,600 in fuel savings, putting us on track to achieve our payback schedule of 33 months”.

Jon is delighted with the results:

“We are so impressed with IsoCool’s service that we’ve given them our maintenance contract as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for energy savings and excellent service”.

For more information about IsoCool’s range of energy-efficient cooling systems, visit www.isocool.ltd.uk or call 01376 328455.


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March 14, 2014

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