TFC 161-720kW

Integrated free cooling chiller

A high-efficiency chiller with integrated free cooling, the TFC delivers energy savings and environmental credentials in a space-saving modular unit.


Featuring integrated free cooling, the TFC range of air or water-cooled modular chillers is able to provide up to 100% direct air-cooling during low ambient conditions. The result is a high-efficiency chiller with a small footprint that is able to achieve significant energy, cost and carbon savings, as well as extend compressor life and reduce maintenance. What’s more, the TFC is the first chiller in the world to provide a self-draining hydraulic circuit to eliminate the need for glycol. That, and the use of ecological gases, gives the TFC exceptional environmental credentials.



  • Cooling capacity ranges from 161 – 720 kW
  • Modular design for increased free cooling capacity
  • Self-draining hydraulic circuit eliminates the need for glycol
  • Electronic expansion valves to reduce energy input
  • 5” LC display with soft-touch interface
  • Designed for outside placement
  • Flexible polyamide pipes reduce noise levels
  • Chiller cooling capacity from 188 kW to 720 kW
  • IP54 rated electrical panel
  • Free-cooling capacity from 180 kW to 540 kW
  • Removable side panels
  • Easy inspection tube nest evaporator
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Corrosion-free hydraulic circuit


Innovative design

Outstanding design features of the TFC include a flexible modular design (which allows the free cooling capacity to be increased independently of the compressors if required), a choice of hermetic scroll or semi-hermetic screw-type compressors, electronic expansion valves for improved thermal performance and lower energy consumption, and innovative noise reduction technology.

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