AX and AX-FC 30-224kW

Efficient mid-range chillers

Efficient, flexible, and delivering excellent performance, the AX and AX-FC modular chillers are ideal mid-range solutions for multiple applications.


The AX and AX-FC chiller range, which can be supplied either air or water-cooled, offers cooling capacities from 28.7 to 224 kW. Excellent efficiency is achieved thanks to hermetic scroll compressors and multiple compressors with twin gas circuits. Units with axial fans benefit from a reduction in noise levels and boosted performance thanks to angled blades, while those with centrifugal fans are able to exhaust warm air or apply heat recovery in winter. Built to the highest standards, the modular chillers can be sited outdoors without additional weatherproofing.



  • Maximum energy savings
  • Modular concept for increased cooling capacity
  • Cooling capacities from 28.7 to 224 kW (from 75.8 for AX-FC)
  • AX-FC integrated free cooling
  • Hermetic scroll compressors
  • Axial or radial fans
  • IP54 electrical control panel
  • Suitable for outside installation
  • Inspection panels
  • ALU-ZINC steel coated with polyester resin
  • Tube nest evaporator immersed in a stainless steel tank
  • Corrosion-free hydraulic circuit
  • Optional remote control mounting


Free cooling function

For increased energy savings, the AX-FC (cooling capacity from 75.8 to 224 kW) comes with a free cooling function that utilises ambient air temperatures to reduce the load on the compressors. The chiller offers up to 100% direct air cooling. As a result, the AX-FC confers great eco-credentials and can significantly reduce process cooling costs.



Modular air condensers are designed to hold a minimal amount of refrigerant gas and include a sub-cooling circuit for optimising and enhancing performance. Standard supply includes condensing pressure control and air intake filters constructed from thin stainless steel plate. Water-cooled versions are fitted with tube nest condensers and pressure relief valves.

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