ADy-NAX 115-691kW

Adiabatic energy-saving chiller

With an integrated adiabatic function, ADy-NAX adiabatic chillers provide significant energy savings in high ambient conditions.

ADy-NAX adiabatic chillers are an adiabatic version of the highly efficient and popular Dy-NAX chiller. During high ambient conditions of 32oC or more, the adiabatic pack on the ADy-NAX chiller introduces water to the internal matrix, precooling the air temperature. This increases the seasonal energy efficiency ration (SEER) of the unit to 5.15, and results in significant energy savings.



  • Highly efficient adiabatic chillers
  • SEER of 5.15 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Significant energy savings in high ambient conditions
  • Cooling capacity from 115 to 691 kW
  • Suitable for outside installation
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Optional 7” remote colour touch screen allowing operation up to 100m
  • IP54 rated electrical control panel
  • Optional pre-assembled pump groups
  • Optional sound-proof version
  • Fitted with axial fans with external rotor
  • Easy access to cooling components


Energy-saving features

In addition to the adiabatic function, the ADy-NAX boasts a range of energy-saving features including variable speed axial fans with larger-diameter blades (as standard), which are designed to achieve high airflow rates with the lowest electricity consumption, and scroll compressors. Brushless fans can also be incorporated to further increase energy savings. Standard units feature brazed plate evaporators and are built without an integral pump and tank group, enabling centralised cooling plants to increase cooling capacity in the most cost-effective way possible. Shell and tube and complementary GRP pump and tank group options are available.


Free cooling

For even further energy savings, the ADy-NAX can be combined with a free cooler to utilise low and high ambient temperatures, thereby maximising energy efficiency year-round.


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