IsoFC injects cash into moulding operations

IsoCool makes a stand for energy savings at Interplas

By IsoCool

May 19, 2010

Designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve process efficiency, the new IsoFC energy-saving device from IsoCool is a simple yet elegant solution to eco-friendly cooling. It works by connecting the mould and hydraulic cooling circuits through a high efficiency packaged heat exchanger unit with intelligent software, facilitating energy transfer between the systems without them mixing. The result is a fully optimised integrated energy-saving cooling system that will assist manufacturers in achieving their 2010 carbon reduction target.

Offered as supply only or as a turnkey solution, the IsoFC unit can be retro-fitted to any incumbent dual-circuit cooling system. During low ambient conditions, it uses the surplus capacity from an ambient cooling system, such as cooling towers, air blast or adiabatic coolers, to pre-cool water returning from the mould circuit before it reaches the refrigeration plant, reducing the amount of energy consumed.

Both circuits continue to fulfil their primary functions, but with the benefits of having the life span of the components of the chiller plant extended by the reduced utilisation and at around half the cost to the environment and energy bills.

A user-friendly touch screen controls the plant to optimise performance and ensure close process temperature control on both circuits. In addition, the modular software design enables SCADA interface to computer and building management systems with power consumption monitoring.

IsoCool manufactures the energy-saving device at its factory in Essex. There are 20 standard models, complete with weatherproof enclosures, starting with the IsoFC 50, which has a duty of 50kW, up to the IsoFC 1000, which has a duty of 1MW. It is also possible to commission a bespoke system.

In terms of return on investment, the IsoFC has an excellent payback schedule and provides ROI figures as part of the initial quote. Furthermore, IsoCool helps manufacturers identify available grants and prepare applications, bringing the cost of installation down and increasing the return on investment.

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