IsoCool makes a stand for energy savings at Interplas

IsoCool makes a stand for energy savings at Interplas

By IsoCool

Jun 2, 2011

Testament to the increasingly important role of energy saving in the plastics industry, IsoCool is taking its biggest stand yet at this year’s Interplas. The process cooling specialists, who are well known in the industry for their innovative green approach, will be displaying a range of advanced energy-efficient cooling products, as well as providing advice on how manufacturers can best meet strict targets.

The long-awaited NAX Inverter chiller will make its debut appearance at a UK show. Fitted with inverter controlled compressors, the chiller avoids energy wastage by ensuring closer load matching. As a result, it boasts the highest energy efficiency ratio in its category. The NAX Inverter is due to be released to the UK market later this year. IsoCool is confident that its highly competitive price and exceptional performance will make the NAX Inverter a real show-stopper.

As the sole UK distributor for Eurochiller, IsoCool will also be displaying other products from the range, including chiller and free cooling technologies. Of particular interest to visitors looking for a safer and more efficient alternative to cooling towers is the Eco Free Cooler. This space, energy and water-saving adiabatic dry cooler has a closed system to avoid contamination and works with or without glycol.

IsoCool’s own flagship product, the IsoFC, will also be on show.  Designed specifically for use within dual-circuit systems, the IsoFC reduces energy consumption and improves process efficiency by facilitating energy transfer between the systems without mixing. A live computer interface will enable visitors to see just how easy the IsoFC is to operate and monitor energy savings.

As if exhibiting market-leading products wasn’t enough, IsoCool’s stand should also get people talking.  Reflecting the company’s expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of complete turnkey solutions, the stand will feature a network of neon-lit pipework connecting the products. And to welcome visitors onto the stand, there will also be a bar and seating area where IsoCool will be on hand to offer invaluable advice on how the plastics industry can save energy, reduce running costs and improve efficiency.

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