IsoCool launch advanced water cooled chillers

IsoCool launch advanced water cooled chillers

By IsoCool

Feb 16, 2015

True to form, process cooling specialist, IsoCool, has launched yet another high spec, energy and cost saving cooling product to the UK market, the ICEtemp range of precision water cooled chillers. Manufactured by world-leading cooling OEM, Eurochiller, the beside-the-machine ICEtemp units boast a range of technologically advanced features, including three temperature zones, a wide temperature range, integrated free cooling, and automatic mould emptying, to name but a few. Offering exceptionally accurate temperature control, the ICEtemp chiller is sure to appeal to plastic manufacturers seeking improved product quality and production rates from their water cooled chillers.

Within one compact unit, the ICEtemp multi-circuit chiller allows for simultaneous heating and cooling of the mould thanks to three control zones that automatically adjust temperature, flow rates, and pressure according to the heating or cooling demands of the process. Temperature flexibility is increased with the ICEtemps’ wide temperature range of 5OC to + 90OC, while temperature accuracy is achieved – to within a tenth of a degree – thanks to the chillers’ advanced three-way proportional valve.

Accurate temperature control aside, the ICEtemp also boasts integrated free cooling when used in conjunction with a free cooling water supply, such as IsoCool’s adiabatic ADCOOLER. Depending on the cooling needs of the process and ambient conditions, users can benefit from exceptional energy and cost savings, giving the ICEtemp an excellent return on investment.

The ICEtemp is available in standard models from 5.6kW to 80.8kW, and can also be manufactured according to specific customer requirements. For example, the units can be supplied with a range of heaters, flow rates and pressure values. All units use eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

To find out more about the ICEtemp, please contact IsoCool on 01376 328455 or visit

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