Get chiller efficiency under (remote) control

Get chiller efficiency under (remote) control

By IsoCool

Apr 16, 2013

Designed to optimise performance and efficiency, the new TFC remote control from IsoCool allows Eurochiller TFC water process chillers to be monitored around the clock from the comfort of any office located within a 100m radius. This innovative quality control system exploits a wireless LAN connection that allows servers to dial-in automatically from a PC or laptop, making it possible to monitor everything from temperature control through to alarm delays. The upshot is an automatic safeguard for the chiller and an invaluable business aid to anyone interested in running an efficient, energy saving cooling system.

In many plants chiller units tend to be positioned in out-of-sight locations – typically outside – and are also, therefore, often ‘out of mind’. However, using the TFC remote control, the time consuming task of checking and monitoring chiller performance is now negated as all such duties can be completed from the user’s desk. In fact, it is even possible to walk around with TFC, a compact unit which measures only 314 by 263 mm, giving users an instant overview of what’s happening in the system along with the ability to control and adjust parameters…all on the move.

The remote control itself offers menu driven, picture led functionality for ultimate ease-of-use, and different language options are also available. Unlike on a regular unit where it is only possible to examine settings individually, the TFC remote control displays parameters simultaneously, without the need to scroll. The unit is also fully password protected, ensuring complete data confidentiality.

Among its many key features is the ability to capture data – the display memory alone has the capacity for up to an impressive 48 hours in total. In addition, once transferred to a laptop or PC via USB, the internal memory can store up to 12 months of data. This is not only important for manufacturers under pressure to demonstrate traceability, but the analysis of stored data also reduces the risk of common malfunctions.

An instant monitoring service, which allows the team of experts at Eurochiller to control and adjust the chiller without any interference, is also available as part of the TFC remote control package. This ensures that, in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, any issues can be quickly and confidently addressed, saving time, inconvenience and possible maintenance costs for users.

In the modern manufacturing arena, where the monitoring and control of energy costs has become high priority, examining a whole plant in order to diagnose problems is a time consuming and expensive task. However using the new TFC remote control from IsoCool, there is at last a quality control system which allows plant managers and engineers to pinpoint issues, cut costs and save valuable time.

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