Dry Air Cooler Saves Energy

Dry Air Cooler Saves Energy

By IsoCool

Sep 26, 2018

A Dry Air Cooler is part of an energy saving upgrade to the system which provides chilled water for manufacturing processes for Blyth based Moulded Packaging Solutions Ltd.

Working with UK based IsoCool Ltd who are part of the wider Eurochiller Group, Moulded Packaging Solutions Ltd; a manufacturer of high-quality plastic jars and containers, were able to access grants from the Carbon Trust to assist them with investment in a Dry Air Cooler, heat exchanger and automatic energy control system.

Iain McLeod, Manufacturing Director at Moulded Packaging Solutions explains how IsoCool’s Carbon Trust Accreditation and thorough knowledge of the sometimes complex loan application process, was of massive benefit to the company.

“Although we undertook some renewal of the system approximately 2 or 3 years ago, our goal with the latest addition to the equipment has been to improve energy efficiency and our carbon footprint. We were, of course, aware of the loans available from the Carbon Trust, but our past investigations led us to believe that they were more expensive than we would like. Talking with Nigel Hallett of IsoCool, we discovered that there are grants available for companies in our position, wishing to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint by improving their systems. IsoCool’s experience in the Carbon Trust schemes has proved invaluable. They have guided us through the process and removed a lot of the strain, allowing us to concentrate on our business and our customers.”

IsoCool’s flexibility allowed Moulded Packaging Solutions to take the decision to install the system themselves. The company felt that the upgrade would require multiple, complex shutdowns of production and were more comfortable with being in total control of these themselves. They were assisted continually by the IsoCool engineering team with site visits and drawings to support installation and IsoCool commissioned the system once it was installed. Iain McLeod comments,

“The service we received from IsoCool was first class. We have previously been let down by another supplier and were therefore naturally cautious. However I would not have any hesitation in recommending IsoCool to anyone else, they are always available at the end of the phone line for advice and guidance, all round excellent.”

Nigel Hallett, Sales and Marketing Director at Isocool says:

“Moulded Packaging Solutions manufacture a very high quality, food contact approved product. They use superior materials and it is important to them that the clarity and strength features of these jars and containers reflect this. Therefore, it is vital that their chilled water systems operating with their moulding operation are providing them with the results they demand. We were confident that the Eurochiller Dry Air Cooler, heat exchanger and automatic energy saving control system we supplied would do exactly that. The Dry Air Cooler is a modular dry cooler with cooling capacity from 63 to 920 kW. It works by providing the cooling source during the times of the year when the ambient is below the temperature required by the cooling system. Fans in the air blast coolers draw in ambient air and use this to pre-cool the water before it reaches the chiller. As the temperature drops, intelligent controls reduce the load on the compressors, switching them off altogether when the ambient reaches a certain temperature. Up to 100% direct air-cooling can be achieved this way, with the result that the inherent high operating costs of the chiller are reduced and its lifespan greatly extended.” He continues “We were happy to support Moulded Packaging Solutions in their decision to carry out the installation themselves and carried out the commissioning of the system as soon as they were ready to proceed.”

Iain McLeod is confident of the financial savings the company will be making as a result of this upgraded system.

“Initial estimates from Isocool indicated that we would be able to save £10k per annum, but I believe that recent rises in the cost of electricity will have increased this.” He says.

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