Closed circuit adiabatic cooler saves energy and water


By IsoCool

Aug 20, 2012

Evaporative cooling technology has just had a major upgrade with the arrival of the ADCOOLER. Launched exclusively to the UK market by energy-saving cooling experts, IsoCool, the ADCOOLER is a closed circuit adiabatic dry cooler which offers the cooling performance of an adiabatic system with the benefits of a dry cooler. The result is a water-saving and contamination-free alternative to cooling towers and adiabatic spray systems.

The ADCOOLER is ideally suited to provide cooling for air conditioning condenser water circuits on reciprocating, absorption chillers and reverse cycle heat pumps. Variable speed fans – which are fitted to each unit and contribute to quiet operation – draw in ambient air through honeycomb fill-packs, providing humidification of the incoming warm, dry air. This enables the ADCOOLER to achieve near wet-bulb temperatures –and therefore, exceptional cooling performance – while at the same time, retaining the advantages offered by dry coolers.

Key to these benefits is the ADCOOLER’s closed loop. As well as significantly reducing water consumption and wastage within the system, this means scale build-up is minimised, maintaining the efficiency of the unit and increasing the longevity of the plant. These factors alone can lead to significant cost savings in utility, water treatment and maintenance fees.

The ADCOOLER offers excellent performance in temperatures over 40oC, and has been intelligently designed to automatically switch between dry and wet bulb operation according to ambient temperature and humidity.  This, along with fan speed control and its compact V-shape formation, greatly contributes to efficient running of the system.

Available in a self-draining version that works without glycol, the ADCOOLER offers excellent performance and reliability in sub-zero ambient temperatures. Because anti-freeze lowers the thermal exchange coefficient, this option provides far greater environmental credentials and increased cooling capacity. What’s more, the ADCOOLER’s self-draining feature also makes the system more reliable as the contents of the coil and pipes will empty automatically when the unit is switched off.

Standard packaged units of the ADCOOLER have cooling capacities from 80 to 1,200kW, and can be expanded easily thanks to its modular design. The materials used within the ADCOOLER are of the highest quality, and are corrosion-proof for outdoor installation. The ADCOOLER is also available with a water consumption monitoring system, a device which accurately measures water coming in and out of the system, as well as ambient conditions, to further maximise water efficiency.

The ADCOOLER can be applied to air conditioning systems and close-control cooling for large retail units, data centres and any buildings which have a need for year-round air conditioning and climate control, such as hospitals and hotels.

Features and benefits

  • No consumption of process water
  • Limestone/ scale formation is significantly reduced
  • Chemical treatment of water minimised
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Negligible loss of water from the adiabatic system
  • Excellent performance even in temperatures over 40oC
  • Efficient heat exchange at dry bulb conditions (air/water exchange     T 5oC)
  • Low noise levels
  • Modular concept to increase cooling capacity
  • Self-draining version works without glycol

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