Bandera Chose Eurochiller for 5 Layer Co-Extrusion Line

Bandera Chose Eurochiller for 5 Layer Co-Extrusion Line

By IsoCool

Dec 5, 2017

World leader in the design and manufacture of top performance blown film lines, Bandera, recently chose Eurochiller to provide air blown film coolers for their highly successful Open House Event.

Bandera hosted the opportunity for processors to examine their innovation and manufacturing expertise, by seeing in operation a 5 layer co-extrusion line for volume production of PE film.

Delivering precision temperature control were a pair of Eurochiller Air Blown Film Coolers (ABF Inverters). The ABF Inverter is an advanced air blown film cooler with a cooling capacity ranging from 11 to 77 kW. It is up to 50% more efficient than a standard chiller and air/water heat exchanger combination, due to air cooling through the direct expansion of gas. Visitors were particularly interested in the savings achieved by the cooler’s inverter control, which not only keeps energy consumption and operating costs to a minimum, but also limits peaks in electrical usage, increases compressor longevity, and allows the process air to reach the set temperature value in a shorter time. The cooler comes with a range of innovative features, such as the Easy Loop 30, which reduces pressure loss of the hot gas bypass by almost a quarter compared to a standard unit.  These are proven to achieve production increases of up to 30% with an energy consumption reduction of up to half.

Bandera were confident that these coolers would provide the optimum support for their line. Making a significant contribution to showcasing the exceptional and consistent film quality, reduced cycle times and optimum efficiency that can be achieved with quality equipment.

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