ADCOOLER: The new view on cooling


By IsoCool

Sep 7, 2011

Manufacturers of cooling equipment have long been working on ways to significantly reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions within the cooling process. Now, Eurochiller has the answer with the ADCOOLER – an innovative new unit which combines the heat efficiency of an adiabatic system with the energy savings of a dry cooler.

The ADCOOLER is suitable for all industrial processes which require water, and as such is an excellent viable alternative to evaporative cooling towers. In addition, it offers many distinct advantages. These include:

  • No consumption of process water, saving on costs
  • Air contamination is eliminated, preventing health and safety issues such as legionella
  • Limestone/ scale formation is avoided
  • No chemical treatment of water
  • No loss of water from the adiabatic system
  • Excellent performance even in temperatures over 40oC
  • Efficient heat exchange at dry bulb conditions (air/water exchange     T 5oC)
  • Low noise levels
  • Modular concept to increase cooling capacity

Taking advantage of the evaporation of a small quantity of water, the ADCOOLER is able to achieve near wet bulb temperatures i.e. the temperature of the water coming out of the unit is always lower than the ambient. This means that even during the hot season, the air temperature to the coils is equivalent to low ambient conditions.

Thanks to specially arranged cooling coils, the ADCOOLER is available in a self-draining version which empties automatically. This option works without glycol in the water, and offers excellent performance even in air temperatures of below 0oC.

The ADCOOLER is scheduled to be presented to the European market – via Eurochiller’s specialist agents – at several upcoming events:

  • Interplas 2011 (NEC in Birmingham, UK on 27.09.11 – 29.09.11 at the IsoCool stand, Hall 4, Stand E4).
  • Fakuma 2001 (Friedrichshafen, DE on 18.10.11 – 22.10.11 at stand 7002/1, hall A7)
  • Equiplast 2011 (Barcelona, ES on 14.11.11 – 18.11.11 at stand D420, hall 4)

So to discover the new view on cooling, come and visit the ADCOOLER!

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